Dear All Singapore Stuff,

After seeing how some of my peers poke fun at construction workers, and also reading a report about a worker who was paid only $1.50 an hour, I decided to do something for them, to thank them for their work.

On Wednesday (Feb 12), I went to a construction site behind Plaza Singapura and gave 20 workers there a $5 hongbao, using the money I got from hongbaos given to me during Chinese New Year.

I was pretty nervous at first, as I feared they may have taken my gesture the wrong way but I’m glad things worked out okay. We may have shared little in words, but the smile on their faces showed they understood and appreciated the gesture.

I did that to show them that we too appreciate them for their hard work.

Honestly there aren’t many people out there who would give their own savings to strangers they don’t event know. Not to mention a lot of us take these workers for granted.

I’m not rich or well-off either, but I did it anyway to hopefully inspire other youths to come up with other kind gestures to the workers to show that we care.

I really want to make a Singapore a better place and while I’m just one guy in a city of over five million people, kindness has to start somewhere, right?


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