(Editor's note: ASS was informed by a reader about an e-mail that is being circulated within the Christian community. The e-mail is reproduced below.)

Let us be the SALT and LIGHT to bring Kingdom Transformation

Dear Fellow Christian, 
Pastor Lawrence Khong has risen to lead the proverbial army in defending the interests of the Christian community.  He has stood strong and proud against the backlash from the gay community. Like a true General of the Crusades, Pastor Khong has led the way to petition the Health Minister to conduct a thorough review of the information avalable on HPB's website.  So far, the petition has garnered more than 21,000 signatures.  This number is far greater than the gay petition to restore the HPB's original FAQs which has garnered a measly 4,000 signatures.
As Christians, it is our duty and responsibility to support Pastor Khong in this battle.  
Let's be clear on this.  Our country being a secular state has nothing to do with our right to educate the misinformed and to spread our faith.  To quote Pastor Khong in his FB post, “[Our] faith should not be confined within the walls of the Church, but spread outwards throughout our nation so that Kingdom values are manifested in our community”.  Where our values are impinged, we should not rest on our laurels.  We should stand up to preserve our Christian values and the values of the Singapore society at large.
What values does the gay lifestyle bring? It is not natural. Sexual relations between people of the same sex is immoral.  It is frowned upon by Christianity.  Frowned upon by Islam.   
This latest episode is evidence of the creeping assertion of the gay agenda on the wider Singapore community.  That is why Christians and other religions must be unyielding in our defence of Section 377A. We must see to it that the lapse demonstrated by HPB is not a harbinger of things to come.  As a Christian, it is our duty to register our disappointment with HPB
Pastor Khong has led the way. The petition has gained much support when compared to pro-HPB petitions.  Let's ensure that our voices are heard. Pass this on and ask fellow Christians to sign the petition. Raise the flag of our Mighty Cross, fly it proud.

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