The recent furore over Singapore Health Promotion Board’s (HPB) FAQs on Sexuality took a political spin when MP Lim Biow Chuan wade into the fray brandishing his religious-fuelled rhetorics in a loose attempt to sell them as secular views.

Mr Lim took a shot at HPB’s FAQ which states that “a same-sex relationship is not too different from a heterosexual relationship”. He asserts that the two forms of relationships are different and goes on to call for a conclusive study on whether homosexuals can have a long-lasting relationship “based on values like trust, love, commitment and support”.

In his zealous attempt to differentiate the two, Mr Lim seems to have forgotten that gay people is not a separate species. He seems to be coming from a place that referenced gay people as a separate life form. Because otherwise, we could not fathom why he would call for a study that inevitably attempts to validate the capacity of human beings to fall in love with one another.

In ELEMENT Magazine 6th issue which is the Valentine’s issue, we embark on a photo-spread to showcase the inclusivity and transcendence aspects of Love. During the photo-shoot, as we spoke with the different couples which consist of straight, gay and lesbian couples. Their sexuality and gender blurred.

They had that same look of adoration for each other, the way they beamed when they spoke of each other, the carefree laughter when they poked fun at each other and their hands that seek out each other’s as they speak.

How could one isolate, freeze that moment, and tell you that it’s not the same? That the way Jeigh looks at Sean with that twinkle in his eyes is different from the way Ischelle looks at Zi Hao. That the way Mon clutches Joey’s hands is different from the way Nicholas held on to Jacqueline’s.

We especially incorporated Chinese calligraphy to give the images an Asian element. Many have used the flimsy ideals of “Asian values” to bring down the gay rights movement while conveniently ignoring the fact that homosexuality is well-documented in Asian civilisation throughout history, whereas your religious beliefs are “imported”.

We are tempted to take apart the reasoning and arguments put forth by Pastor Lawrence Khong and MP Lim Biow Chuan like the house of cards that they are. But our betters have already done that through numerous articles that are well-circulated in the cyberspace.

This Valentine’s Day, let us simply acknowledge the capacity human beings have to fall in love with one another, ditching the labels of gender, sexual orientation and gender identity. And that love does not give a rat’s ass to your homophobia.

And of course, kudos to HPB!

Do look out for the full article and photo-spread in ELEMENT Magazine – The LOVE Issue.

ELEMENT Valentine’s visual campaign is a collaboration between ELEMENT Magazine and COPPERBAND PHOTOS


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