Public housing should not have capital gains and the bloody PAP use foreigners to push prices skywards because they don’t build enough HDB flats. People are so fed-up with so many things.

1) PAP doesn’t want to tell you the building cost. If they do, people will get very angry and start protesting that their flats should not cost so much.

2) They say you are an owner when actually you are renting from HDB for 99 years. Now, you also know that your flat become worthless after 99 years.

3) You pay property tax and the conservancy charge keeps increasing even though it is supposed to be public housing.

With maximizing of profits in mind and running the Statutory Board like a commercial organisation, they price the flat as high as possible and yet building the flat size area as small as possible, like a pigeon hole. Worse, our young generation has to service the loan for 20 – 25 years.

Furthermore, the evaluation of the resale flat is artificially priced higher, so that on paper our flat is valuable. Most of the Singaporean do not realise that they can own only one flat, it is meaningless even the valuation is high. Unless they prepare to migrate and no more living in Singapore, they are just sitting on paper wealth.

Our pioneer PAP leaders had built the flats and made them genuinely affordable to all Singaporean. Unlike the present PAPigs, the word “affordable” has already become so vague that nobody believes it. The bloody Marboro Tan & $8.00 cow man have damaged the original ideas of building HDB flats for true blue Singaporean.

PAP supporters are really suffering from Stockholm syndrome, where they think PAP is protecting them but instead they are screwing all of us. Don’t screw up your children’s and generation future by voting for PAP who have to wear white!

So you are indeed a moron to want to vote for these traitors!

Jiang Haiwei

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