Finding Supper in Singapore

I don't sleep at night.

Sleep eludes me like it hates my guts, so instead of waging war and trying to force my restless body to sleep, I decided to just go out and wander.

And thank god for me that I have friends just as sleep-chronologically messed up as me, so we end up on bikes and cars across the West (we are after all hungry, not unlazy) in search of food and good conversation.

So now, after long nights of wandering and sourcing for food worthy of midnight-fat-amassing here are my top 7 places to have supper in the West.

Let the night journey to the west begin:

Lai Kee Dim Sum
Blk 442 Clementi Ave 3

Pretty much the only dim sum place around here that's worth the visit at night!

The service is very quick, never knew dim sum can be heated up so quickly! The must haves would be the siew mai and har kaw. The rest I haven't tried, but you definitely should!

It is also right downstairs my place so guess whose favourite hangout this is.

Haq Insaf's Eating Place
15 Jalan Mas Puteh

Medicore prata, but the drinks here are good!

I love the staff here because they're all very bubbly and ditzy hahah. There's always a huge crowd here though so be prepared to wait a little while for your orders. They have everything from prata to horfun.

Specials would include their mushroom prata, haven't tried it though!

Niqqi's Cheese Prata Shop
18 Clementi Road


I love the prata here!

I've tried their banana and my god it was revolutionary. My idea of mixing-it-up when I cook at home is throwing everything in my prata then wrapping it up and praying it'll turn out good.

This place has every other weird ingredient, except its actually good so you save the praying.

Alif Restaurant
374 Bukit Batok Street 31

Very famous eating place.

I have grown sick of prata as you can see from the previous two. So I'd come here for their chicken briyani, which is to huge a portion for me so my friend gets to have half. Also because it is only okay-tasting.

Indians really don't sleep. Now thank god for you guys.

651 Coffeshop
Right below Pioneer MRT

A place huge on bee hoon.

I've tried a plate and it was pretty meh for me, but maybe that's because my idiotic friend told me he likes it only because of the pretty lady serving it, and IT IS NOT GOOD IF THEY USE THE SEX SELLS THEOREM.

Okay fine I'm just jealous, eat here, whatever. (storms off)

Sixties Frog Porridge
Blk 491 Jurong West Ave 1

And this, my friends, is the best spot ever.

I came here once after dinner and I wasn't even hungry. But when you are offered Sixties frog porridge, your stomach will recognize the new god of food and shout at everyone to make space for this incoming dish.

I am not kidding, you'd know if you head down and try.

U-Town Starbucks
8 College Avenue West #B1-01 

And this is the final resort!

Not that I diss Starbucks – god knows I love their double chocolate frappe and their chicken pie. But it goes against the Singapore supper code of conduct if you go to an American branch for supper. Or is it not?

What can I say – I am a stickler for my own made-up morals/

Well there you have it! 

7 more places to add onto your night time itinerary. So save the excuses when your driving friends demand to waste their petrol, and head on down to these places!

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