Govt will help farmers affected by fish deaths: Khaw

SINGAPORE — Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan has said that the Government would do its “utmost” to help fish farmers affected by the mass death of fish over the last week.

“This is every fish farmer’s fear and I feel sorry for their plight – not only is their livelihood impacted, it must be very painful to see their prized stocks wiped out suddenly,” said Mr Khaw in a blog post today (Feb 12). The fish deaths are likely due to neap tide and hot weather.

Mr Khaw said he has asked the MND and Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to look into the farmers’ requests “to see how best we can help them in the current situation”.

The AVA has been working closely with farmers to try and “salvage the situation” since last weekend. he said, adding that AVA Chief Executive Tan Poh Hong had told him the situation was “serious”.

More workers have been sent to deploy aeration systems to help normalise the water conditions and also to assist in the disposal of dead fish.

“Many farms are grappling with large numbers of dead fish. Those farms rearing more susceptible species like grouper, threadfin and golden trevally are more badly affected,” said Mr Khaw, noting that some had lost their entire stocks.

“While we cannot control the tide and what nature has in store for us, we will extend a helping hand, wherever possible, to help those affected ride out this rough patch.”

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