My unsold properties are seeing their values stagnated and not rising. My profits are not growing. This is bad. How can the govt do this to me? Nevermind if I have made millions and billions in the last decades and laughing to the banks, having an extremely good life from the profits that I have made. Now I am not happy as my properties are not making the kind of profits that they should be making. My gosh, the price actually came down by 1%! Horror, I am having nightmares, cannot sleep. Please don’t remind me that the prices have appreciated by 100% or 200% over the last decade. That is my good fortune. I am very clever and talented. I have foresight to go into property development and took the RISK. Yes I took the risk to make millions and billions. I am sooooo talented.

Hey govt, you must tweak your policies on curbing property speculations. I have invested so much money in building these properties, how can I make a loss? Didn’t you say that the value of properties can only go up, only in smaller percentages? You have to tweak your curbs so that I can make my profits.

Oh, I am only selling to foreigners and making profits from foreigners. This is good right? And if you give me the chance, I will buy up the whole island, develop them into good class properties and sell them to the foreigners. What, selling the whole island? That is not my problem. My only interest is to make money as a developer. Selling the whole island is not my problem.

Quick, quick, tweak your policies so that I can make more money then I will buy more land from you and sell the properties to foreigners. You happy, I happy.

Chua Chin Leng AKA Red Bean

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