‘Menstrual Blood Valentine’s Chocolates’

Valentine’s Day in Japan is a time when girls give chocolates, known as “honmei choco”(“true feelings chocolate”) to the boys they really like.

Often, these chocolates will be painstakingly hand-made by the girl, before she passes them to her love.

But now, a disturbing “spell” circulating on Twitter suggests that girls are putting their menstrual blood, spit, or hair into the chocolates to ensure that their love is reciprocated.

The following thread translated from compilation site Naver Matome, has curated a series of tweets referring to the trend. Since being posted, the thread has been retweeted over 15,000 times, and clocked up around 200,000 views, as well as featuring on other major internet portals.

But is this a funny hoax to stop pesky boys from eating too many chocolates? Or should boys chew very carefully on February 14…?

From Naver Matome:

[Sad News]A Spell That Says “If You Mix Blood Into Valentine’s Chocolates And Give Them To Your Love, Your Love Will Be Returned” Trends On Twitter

Updated: 03/02/2014

OP: wasejo_tjkn0123さん

The Spell That’s Being Whispered About Online As If It Were True…

“Mix your blood into the valentine’s day chocolates”

From: Chuu ni no asobi [blog]

“Mix in your own saliva”

From: “Honmei choko ni keiketsu wo ireru to omajigai ga” — Fujinyu~

▼ “That Time” Is Already Here!!!!


This year too, I’m praying that I can succeed in love, and the time has drawn near when there will be lots of boys around who will eat my scary hand-made chocolates — that I’ve made by mixing in my own blood and spit — without even knowing it (笑)

▼ The “Spell” Is Even Trending On Twitter

Do girls really put their own blood into handmade chocolates?

Picture from pbs.twimg.com


White chocolate with menstrual blood in it…huh…I guess that the amount of menstrual blood a normal person would loose would be a few mls, right? I reckon that if it was about that much, and you didn’t mix it in too much, then there’d be a nice amount of red in it and it would be fine, but I wonder…


It’s normal for you to mix in your blood and spit in the honmei choco, right????????? Oh???????


I mix in menstrual blood with my honmei choco every year.


If I get my period on Valentine’s day, then I can put my secret ingredient in.


Please gods. Please send me my period on the day I make my Valentine’s chocolates.


One of those girls who quietly mixes her own spit into the Valentine’s chocolates.


If I’m making Valentine’s chocolates, I want to put my own blood in them.

樋口 結慈:

My suggestion to those people who are trying to mix their blood into hand-made chocolates for Valentine’s day is frozen raspberries (framboises). They look like dried, congealed blood, and because more than anything they have a tart taste, they’ll make people think that it’s blood.


It’s Valentine’s in just two weeks’ time. All you virgins who’ve never received chocolates probably don’t know about this, but in hand-made chocolates from girls, at the very least, there’ll be blood and spit, and hair that has been ground finely in a mixer. Since these are hand-made from the heart, please be sure to eat them alone in secret ♥︎


If you want to put something of your own into honmei choco for Valentine’s day, I think that it’s actually best not to put hair, or pubic hair, or blood that you’ve got through the normal way, but rather to put those chunks of liver things that you get when you’re on your period!!! I mean, menstrual blood is the lining of your uterus, so doesn’t it excite you to think of him putting that in his mouth? What’s more, because it’s hard, he’ll never find out! Magnificent!


I’ve got a mental illness, so I’m going to get some blood from my nose and put that into my Valentine’s chocolates _人人人人人人人_ >  NOSE BLOOD  <  ̄Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y^Y ̄


I always put raw chocolate in my Valentine’s chocolates, but I’m putting in blood as well.


Yey, Valentine’s!! What’s everyone going to make?! I’m going to cut my wrists and put loads of blood in.


If someone mentally ill made the chocolate, then there will definitely be something weird mixed in with it, and anyway, there’s no point in hand-making chocolates and not putting something unusual in. If a girl’s nails have become short, then that’s not because they were making snacks, it’s because they’re mixing them in with the snacks. Also, if they have more cuts, periods, or stuff like that, then it’s definitely black. Well, not black, but blood.

▼ From The Girls’ Perspective, “This Stuff Happens On Valentine’s”


Everyone frustrated because they can’t get any menstrual blood to put in the chocolate because of their menstrual cycle.


Putting your own blood in the Valentine’s chocolate you’re going to give to the boy you like — isn’t that pretty much the norm for us girls?


The spell we had when we were in elementary school was that you’d put your own blood and drip the tears you’d cried at the though of the one you loved into the handmade chocolate, or that you’d knit your own hair into the scarf you made for them — these terrifying things were popular and we did them without a care. I never actually did it, but there are probably witches in every period of history #Valentine’s


Were there ever any girls who didn’t put their own menstrual blood in the Valentine’s chocolate?

▼ There Are Probably Some Young Guys Who Won’t Be Eating This Year’s Handmade Chocolates

Some boys might steer clear of chocolates this Valentine's day.


I have a friend who’s been traumatised ever since he realised that there was hair inside a Valentine’s chocolate he had already put in his mouth. Guess it’s better than blood, but the poor guy!


They say it’s a Valentine’s spell and stuff, and it seems that they put hair and spit and stuff in there…do they just want to hurt the person they love? Don’t they realise that someone’s going to eat it?


I saw a tweet that said, if you’re putting something in handmade chocolate, then I recommend blood. Because at least blood has some umami. And now the heart palpitations won’t stop.

王 妃:

Huh? You thought that Valentine’s chocolates didn’t have bodily fluids, blood, or hair in them? Valentine’s Day is when AIDS gets transmitted the most.


Valentine’s is scary wwwwwwwwwwwww Like there’d be spit or blood in the chocolate ~wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww glad I don’t have to worry about that wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ain’t no one gonna give me any (^.^)


Just felt a shiver go down my spine at the premonition of there being girls who hand chocoloate with nails or blood or spit in it to the boy they like on Valentine’s.


It’s too frightening to put your own blood or hair in Valentine’s chocolates…but seems like there are quite a few people who do…they put spit and stuff…DISGUSTING…


The thing about Valentine’s chocolates is that you’re happy if you get handmade chocolates from someone you’re close to, but if you get handmade chocolates from someone you’re not close to, then it’s scary. You start getting anxious that there might even be poison in them w.


Just thought this, but when girls are making Valentine’s chocolates and stuff, they mix it with a spoon, and then they lick the spoon, so won’t the chocolate you get have at least a little bit of spit mixed in with it?


I’m a bit frightened of handmade chocolate. What am I scared of? — Well, before one actor ate the handmade chocolate sent to him by a fan, he broke it in half and a load of pubes fell out. I’m scared of that kind of thing happening.


If you mix blood into Valentine’s chocolate then your love will be reciprocated…so scary (-_-;) Still, back in the day, I got some cookies on Valentine’s day, and there were loads of tiny hairs in them…Wonder if that was the same thing…?

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