When and how did you realised you are a gay?

I realised I was interested in the same gender when I was in primary school. You know when there’s nurses coming in to do body check, I was particularly excited.

After entering secondary school and with the coming of internet, information are more easily attained, and then I became more aware of my preference. You know, on sites like Trevvy.

So did you get a boner during those days when the nurses visited?

Hmmm, I guess no. Still too young ba.

How was life in secondary school like since you were from an all guys school? Must be a haven for you!

Actually I felt compelled to find a girlfriend, because everyone around me were attached to a girlfriend.

But soon after I enter JC, I got romantically involved with a few other guys.

Does your parents know about you being gay?

Yes. I told them before I entered NS. Initially, my parents were a bit concerned and we were quite awkward with each other as we didn’t know how to react and deal with my preference.

I was expecting my mum to be more accepting, but it didn’t turn out that way. Surprisingly, my dad and I became closer with each other. We even went on a trip together.

Tell us some gay jargons.

In the past gays are internally known as AJ. Now we call ourselves PLU, which stands for People Like Us.

Is there any particular hot spots which gays love hang out at?

Public toilets like at Clementi MRT Station. Swimming pools and gyms. Last time PLU use to hang out at Raffles City by the railings near the toilets.

You will notice some people hanging around the urinal like 15 minutes or so, or even spending a long time in front of mirror. They are just waiting for other PLU is pick them up and have casual sex.

Once I went to this popular gym in town. It’s like a super PLU hang out! When I was showering, this guy just suddenly open my curtain. So aggressive these testosterone-filled PLUs!

I once heard from another gay friend that gays will actually know another gay when they see one. Is there any truth to it?

Yeah, kinda. We call it Gay-dar, like radar.

Have you ever had sex?

Of course!

How is it like? Do you all take turns to.. erm.. poke each other?

Haha! There’s 3 types. Top, bottom, flex. I think you can picture this out yourself.

Hmmm.. Okay.. So which one are you?

Wow! This is the first time a straight person asked me. I’m flex.

There are some people who actually die die want to poke and yet do not want to be poked.

All these poking sounds painful. I mean, unlike woman, guys don’t get wet.

Got lub(rication) ma! And of course when you are still “virgin”, the first few times will be painful.

Ever thought of getting married overseas?

Nope. Prefer Singapore. It’s not necessary to get that piece of paper at all. Maybe just a throw a party to celebrate the ‘marriage’.

Ever thought of changing gender before?

Nooo! There’s a big misunderstanding between gays and transgender. Gays just have preference for a same gender while transgender people think they are a woman that is stuck in a guy’s body.

How much do you agree with this common saying “Good men are either married or are gay”?

Very much.

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