SMRT will be throwing money at another ‘solution’ with the installation of “traffic lights” inside an MRT station. (even if they are outside, it still doesn’t make sense) link The reason to cow pei cow bu again is because the SMRT did not consult the public and stupid ideas will eventually translate into fare hikes for me.

What the lights mean for ordinary Singaporean commuters:

$MRT: Green (platform not crowded)
Commuter: Is this supposed to make my day?

$MRT: Amber (platform slightly crowded)
Commuter: Pointless to tell me this as I will still have to take the train. Am I expected to be happier knowing this in advance?

$MRT: Red (platform crowded, expect to wait longer. Consider taking the train at a later time)
Commuter: You stupid or what? Why don’t you inform all our employers that we will be late for work, admit it’s your bloody fault so they will not tell us to be at the station earlier in future? Even if it means waiting for 10 trains, do we have any choice when taking a taxi will cost tens of dollars? Don’t assume we always have a choice.

$MRT: Flashing Red (seek alternative transport and refer to station announcements for updates)
Commuter: You seem to be preparing commuters for more disruptions in future. Our trains have been stretched to the limit due to an increasing passenger load and this has contributed to frequent breakdowns, besides poor maintenance. The government has also refused to back down on our immigration policy. You have not addressed the fundamental issues plaguing our transport system.

Understanding SMRT traffic lights at a glance:

(My interpretation of SMRT’s traffic lights from today’s ST article)

SMRT appears not to have addressed the causes of frequent breakdowns and is preparing commuters for worse to come. Commuters have clearly not been consulted on this money wasting idea, similar to PAP MP Janil Puthucherry (who does not take public transport) whose idea to improve peak hour travel is to throw away $10 million of taxpayers’ money at a ‘solution’.

SMRT’s main concern is when a breakdown occurs. Its “traffic lights” do not help in the coordination of traffic (jams) nor do they direct alternative modes of transport to the affected stations in an efficient manner. Perhaps it should consider extending its eighth wonder of the modern world traffic lights idea to the traffic police, LTA and transport company operations centres.


Phillip Ang

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