Woman claims watch left behind at Causeway Point food court — which doesn’t belong to her

Stomper Ridwan was incensed to find out that a total strange had claimed a recently-purchased watch his family left behind at a food court in Causeway Point.

After reviewing video footage of the incident recorded on the food court’s CCTV system, he has since lodged a report with the police.

In his report, Stomper Ridwan wrote:

“On Jan 24, I went with my family to Bagus, a food court in Causeway Point foodcourt, for dinner at about 7.45pm.

“We left the area at around 8.15pm after dinner but accidentally left behind a small black plastic bag, which contained a Casio watch that my mum had just bought a few hours back.

“When we realised what had happened at 9pm, we quickly rushed to the foodcourt and asked the manager if they had seen a small plastic bag that had a watch in it.

“To our suprise, the manager told me that the watch had already been claimed by a shameless lady, pictured in the video, even though the item was obviously not hers.

“We think she may have seen the watch after a cleaner took it out from the bag to confirm it was not rubbish to be thrown away.

“All her actions have been captured on the CCTV video, and a police report have been filed.

“This lady is a disgrace to the community!”

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