M’sia newspaper stupidly republishes New Nation article about divorcee demanding ang baos

New Nation wins one for Singapore, trolls Malaysia.

During Chinese New Year, New Nation published a half-assed article about a divorcee demanding ang baos.

It was picked up by a Malaysian Chinese newspaper, Guang Ming Daily, and publicised on their Facebook that has 424,000 fans:

This shows that Malaysian Chinese newspapers are in the same league as Singapore’s Lianhe Wanbao, who wrote to New Nation asking about the same story:

A scuffle broke out this afternoon on the first day of Chinese New Year at the void deck of an HDB flat located in the east of Singapore.
This after a group of well-meaning relatives insisted that one of their kin, who is a divorcee, does not need to be given any ang baos.
The divorcee, Mei Zhang Fu, said: “But I already tell them I’m single as the divorce is finalised and as tradition mandates, I can receive their ang baos but they keep pushing me away.”
“And then all of a sudden, someone just threw a lot of ang paos at me.”
This incident is followed by another in the west of Singapore where a group of at least 15 relatives were heard shouting at each other in a competition to see who can give more ang pao money.
At press time, the minimum sum packed in an ang pao by one of the relatives boasting about his generosity was overheard to be $6.

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