I am an 18 yr old male from Singapore and I have been going swimming often for the past 4 weeks.

Usually, it is a norm to see some guys naked or changing back to their clothing publicly in the changing room. However, something happened recently that really upset me. After spending about 1 hour of swimming, I decided to shower and change . The swimming pool was quite crowded as there were a bunch of school kids who were swimming at the 0.90 m pool while only 3 were in the competition pool besides me. When i entered the gents’, there was only one Chinese guy in his mid-30s standing stark-naked. He was applying sun block lotion and he kept staring at me as i made my way to one of the cubicles to have a shower.

After 15 mins (by then he should have left), I came out to comb and wash my hair and that guy was still there applying lotion. He was wearing his trunks now. I went to comb my hair with gel and this guy was continuously staring at me.

I just didn’t bother and continued combing. However, from the mirrors, I observed that he was applying the lotion in a sexually suggestive manner to his private areas and slowly removing his trunks as he kept staring at me. It was so uncomfortable. Later he slowly walked towards me after abt 2 mins and smiled. I was just freaked out. I said “hi” in a suspicious manner and he replied “want to have some fun?” in a effeminate manner. I was so angry that i immediately said “are you soliciting gay sex? do you want me to call the police?”. He said no and walked away….I was just so angry..

After this i was so disturbed. I am straight and I’ve watched gay and straight porn discreetly at 16, a time when teenagers try to learn more about their bodies and about sexuality. I’ve stopped watching such stuff after some time as i felt guilty. I’ve learnt to be very sensitive to issues like gay rights as I read newspapers widely and I am a debater. But today I just felt disgusted by the action of this guy. I wonder if i have homophobia? i am so disturbed…sorry for the details which look very much like an essay.


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