Yesterday was 3rd Feb. It was also one of the best days to go to work and from work.

Why do I say that?

For once, I saw many people queue up at clinics to get MCs to extend their long weekends over the Chinese New Year. I also know that quite a lot of people choose to take leave to go for long vacations over the weekend so they didn’t report for work on 3rd Feb.

When I took the train, I was surprised that the trains weren’t that crowded as you can see in the picture.

It was in the morning.

And when I went back home around 6pm, I was also very glad that it wasn’t very packed.

In my current workplace, many of my foreigners from China and Malaysia also balik kampong to their homeland. I believe your side also have some foreigners who choose to do that.

If everyday could be like this, I will be happy for Singapore. You see, despite what the White Paper 6.9 million says, we, Singaporeans are contented when we are less crowded. Singaporeans are willing to accept a lower GDP growth in exchange for a smaller population because we believe that our small island cannot accommodate 6.9 million.

Don’t tell us to live underground, coz that’s where mortuaries are. Don’t tell us that Singapore GDP growth will suffer because even when there’s high GDP, we, Singaporeans have nothing to rejoice about. We just want a better quality of life.

For you readers who want a less packed trains, less foreigners and better quality of life, it is not enough for you to just click “like” and hope for the best. Go to your family members, colleagues, friends and even strangers and tell them to vote for more opposition to stop PAP’s push for 6.9 million.


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