Local celebrities Fann Wong and Chris Lee announce baby news

SINGAPORE — Rumours have surrounded Fannopher recently, but the cat is definitely out of the bag. Fann Wong and Christopher Lee are expecting a baby.

Posting on Weibo at 3.40pm today, Fann wished her followers a happy new year, thanked them for their support and wrote, in Chinese: “Today there is good news we really want to share. Christopher and I will be welcoming a baby born in the year of the Horse. I’m really looking forward to the arrival of this new life. Baby is doing well and is very healthy. I hope that with everyone’s blessing, he (or she) will arrive safe and healthy.”

Shortly after, she posted on Instagram and Twitter: “Yes, we’re having a BABY! Can’t wait to see our little new bundle of joy! Huat ah everyone!”

According to xinmsn, a spokesperson for the couple’s management agency, Catwalk, said that Wong is three months pregnant.

Fans have been speculating about this baby since Wong and Lee got married in 2009, and the news is particularly welcome. Lee has also spoken about the pressure to have children. He is 42, while Wong turned 43 last month.

Their friends and colleagues are also happy for the couple, and they all agree on one thing: Regardless of gender, this is going to be one good-looking baby.

Actor Ian Fang, who has called Wong his “older sister” since they played siblings in the TV series, On The Fringe, said: “I have been waiting for this moment. I used to joke with them that if they have a baby girl, maybe I could wait for her (to grow up), because their genes are superb.”

“I think everyone will be anticipating the birth of their baby,” said Rebecca Lim. “He or she will be extremely good-looking, that’s for sure. And I am sure they will be great parents. I’m extremely happy for them.”

Tay Ping Hui also offered his congratulations. “Congrats to them both! I am sure the baby will be gorgeous!”

“Needless to say, I’m especially happy,” Zheng Geping said. “They have waited for so long — they wanted kids right after getting married. They love kids. Chris is my good buddy and he always asks after my kids. I used to tell them, ‘You are so busy and working frequently in different countries, how to make babies?’ This will be a happy progression of their marriage. They have such good genes — they have to procreate!”

He added: “I hope it’s twins — a boy and a girl!”

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