Fellow Singaporeans, I urge you not to fall into the government’s trap. I will make this short.

The government mouthpiece recently suggested women serving National Service. let me tell you now that that is the MOST STUPID SUGGESTION ever. It is even more stupid than the Eugenics scheme LKY came up with.

Now, Let me explain why this is so stupid,

1) You are going to increase the percentage of disadvantaged Singaporeans from 50% to 100%. Guys already have to serve it and now girls too? Your economy is gonna be screwed and foreign talents are gonna invade the country. Oh sorry, Thats your plan right? Foreigners invade the country For The Win!

2) This threatens your social construct of National Service. It is gonna make girls rebel against NS! Thats really stupid right? You want to maintain NS and yet you threaten the stability of it.

3) This is a red herring to distract the Singaporeans from the real issue: the (inevitable) abolishment and shortening of NS. Seems like public discontent against NS is increasing in recent years, which is why you decided to distract us with this women ns thing right? too bad. The people are rebeling, and there is no stopping them. Last time you had to shorten it from 30 months to 24 months to soothe the anger. This time you are confusing us, but its not working at all man.

As a great person (myself) once said: “National Service is when boys get raped: the loss of freedom and irreversible scarring of the soul.” The above points should be self explanatory. Happy CNY by the way! Hope the horse kick us singaporeans in the butt and wake us up to smell the horse shit.

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