SINGAPORE — Three teenagers were today (Feb 3) charged in a district court with robbing and assaulting a taxi driver.

The trio, aged between 16 and 17, are accused of committing the crime at around 1.40am yesterday, at Japanese Garden Road.

The teenagers, Muhammad Fauzi Fitri Kamaruzaman and Muhammad Aizan Abdullah, both 17, and Muhammad Istiqlal Hamdan, 16, allegedly took the cabby’s coin pouch which contained S$5.

Muhammad Fauzi Fitri is accused of using his arms to grab the neck of cabby Abdul Latif from behind. The other two teenagers are accused of each punching Mr Abdul Latif three times in the face.

The trio have been remanded for investigations to be completed and will be back in court on Feb 10.

If found guilty of robbery with hurt, they could be jailed between five and 20 years and caned. CHANNEL NEWSASIA

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