How a terrorist snared my soul

How does one go from a poly student to a detainee suspected of terror activities?

Ali – not his real name – was drawn to his messages of martyrdom and expressed interest on online forums to go to jihad.

In an exclusive interview with The New Paper, he told his story of how he was drawn in.

It ended with him being picked up by the Internal Security Department (ISD) for terrorism-related activities.

Ali, who is in his 20s, fell out of polytechnic and wanted to fight and go to Jihad.

He is not alone. Over the years, young men, groomed by radical teachings online, have turned cyber lessons in terrorism into real-world action. The most recent: Last April’s Boston bombings.

“Once you put out your intent on the Internet, there will be many people who will instigate you to pursue the ‘jihad dream’, and I almost fell into the trap.

“But (I) was lucky that I had some second thoughts and was eventually investigated by the ISD. That brought me back to reality and my senses,” Ali says.

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