A 53 year old cabbie filed a police report after he was groped, molested and almost raped in his cab early this morning at Amber Road in Tanjong Katong.

Ang Peck Seng had picked up a female passenger he described as busty and sexy at Tanjong Katong and said that she had appeared to be running away from 2 men who were following her.

Ang, who has been a cab driver for over 14 years, said that she got into his cab at around 5:15am and asked him to make a U-turn and she kept looking back.

When she was satisfied that she was not being followed, she asked the cab driver to stop further down the road about 300m. The trip took less than 1 minutes and the total fare was only $5.40.

However, the woman said she didn’t have any money on her and turned out her pockets.

When the taxi driver asked “how?” she tried to seduce him.

She reached over to the taxi driver and pushed his chest back and she unzipped his pants and exposed his private parts and proceeded to try and give him oral sex.

Ang explained that he knew he shouldn’t give into the temptation as he has heard stories before where women will demand hundreds of dollars as ‘compensation’ after such acts.

When he did not get aroused, the woman exposed her breasts to the taxi driver and started kissing him. She later also moved down her pants and exposed her private parts to him and offered sex.

Ang recounted that she had pushed her breasts into his face but he pushed her away when she tried to tear off his shirt.

He explained that it doesn’t matter how pretty she is, he could not fall into her trap.

The woman continued trying to seduce the taxi driver until a cyclist rode toward them and the taxi uncle called out to him to get his help.

The woman became angry and threatened to call the police then got out of the cab and started telling the cyclist that the taxi driver had molested her.

Taking the opportunity, the cabbie quickly drove away while the woman was outside his car.

He later filed a police report and handed over the footage from his dashcam which had recorded the conversation.

Shaken, Mr Ang had gone to the media to try and warn others from falling into similar traps.

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