Seeing the current political climate in Singapore, I never have thought the government would ever acknowledge the existence of homosexual outside the 377A debate. But lo and behold, Singapore’s Health Promotion Board has released an FAQ regarding Homosexuality that actually meets the standard of the international community (well, civilized international community, not the desert religions community).

The FAQ cover the basics people need to know about homosexuality. The actual correct definition of Homosexuality (including the usage of the Kinsey scale), FAQ for parents with homosexual children, where to go for counselling (points for suggesting instead of some religious “pray the gay away” organization), addressing the issue of discrimination and informing the public about sexually transmitted disease from a rational medical perspective (seriously, I’m getting tired about the “only gays get HIV” rhetoric).

This is a progressive step for Singapore and I commend the Heath Promotion Board for taking this initiative. My only criticism is that this FAQ should be made in all 4 national languages instead of only English so it could reach the non-English speaking Singaporeans.

It is rather odd to see a Singapore government entity being progressive toward the Homosexual debate while the Law Ministry still living in the homophobic colonial era (which is sad considering our former colonial masters have all recognized homosexual rights).

I highly recommend sharing this FAQ to those who needs it and hopefully this will reach someone who truly needs it.

A Young Singaporean ex-Muslim

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