More protesters against fare hike could have showed up at Hong Lim Park if they did not lose their way

In a bid to make a protest statement against the recent public transport fare hike, several thousand Singaporeans boycotted taking the buses and trains on Jan. 25 as they decided to make their way on foot or bicycle to Hong Lim Park to join the protest against the increase in transport costs.

However, only 300 protesters eventually showed up, close to 90 minutes late, as thousands of others got lost along the way and didn’t make it altogether.

One of the protesters who got lost, Mi Lu Le, said: “I wanted to walk from Ang Mo Kio to Hong Lim Park. But by the time I got to Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, I got tired and went to drink beer at the coffee shop.”

“I took a cab home afterwards.”

However, those who failed to make the protest were grateful that they got lost.

This after they found out that the protest organiser, Gilbert Goh, asked protesters who were gathered at Hong Lim Park to spit on their EZ-Link cards as a sign of displeasure.

One Singaporean, Hoh Lan Kia, who did not attend the protest as a result of not taking public transport to the venue, said: “I heard a lot of the protesters spit already then remembered never bring tissue, then cannot clean the nua. Fail.”

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