Traffic Police Finds Fault with Truck Driver Josiah Wong

While driving a truck along SLE today a Traffic Police car cut into my lane suddenly and step on the brake multiple times.
The car then drove away and a few minutes later, appear in front of me again. Turned on its siren and direct me to stop at the side of the expressway.

Policemen: where’s your driving license and ic
Me: *passed him the license and ic
Policemen: why are you speeding?
Me: I’m not speeding.
Policemen: what’s your speed just now? I’m sure you’re speeding
Me: I’m driving at 70km/h the most and I did not speed.
Policemen: yes, you did!
Me: I did not, show me the evidence then.
Policemen: never mind, why did you over take from the left after Yio Chu Kang exit?
Me: I did not. I was just keeping to my lane.
Policemen: yes, you did. I saw it with my eyes.
Me: I did not, you can charge me if you have evidence of it.
Policemen: it’s ok, I will give you a chance. I will issue you a ticket for not keeping to the left lane and why didn’t you put a P plate?
Me: hello, open your eyes and look at the date.
Policemen: ok, I will still issue you a ticket.

So this is how traffic police work? Purposely finding fault and pushing the blame?
When they have nothing else to catch, they give this kind of stupid reason to fault you.

Look people, this is how Traffic Police in Singapore work.

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