It sure escalated fast, I remember reading about his comments on Facebook last week and now he has left Singapore with his family. I did a search about him and people were relentlessly bombarding him, even people who were trying to be nice were attacked as well, the wrath of Singapore’s netizens is limitless and merciless. I think people are getting overly worked up over this issue, and also being online and without having to face the person himself, it’s easier to say whatever you want, and I feel that people just lose control.

Anyway his comments were not entirely wrong, the part where he mentioned the stench on our MRT, that’s true, our MRT is indeed smelly, being a regular commuter I had to endure the stench of farts, burps, sweat or strange food smells, I’m not saying I never fart nor burp nor sweat, it’s just that some people do it on the train, I never fart or burp on the train, I do have the urge sometimes but I can force myself to endure until I leave the station, some people just let loose inside the train, it’s really disgusting, but I guess it can’t be helped sometimes, maybe some people have no total control over it like me.

But the part where he implied through his son’s comments that poor people take the train, that’s wrong, people take the train because it is convenient and cheap, just look at people who board at Tanah Merah or Kembangan, they don’t look poor to me, we have millions of commuters, does that mean we have millions of poor people? Of course not. I thought he was going to get panned for that kind of comment but I didn’t expect such a severe consequence. Anyway with such high COE prices and maintenance costs, not everyone can afford a car, even if everyone can afford a car, there’s no way our government is going to let that happen, just how big is Singapore? If everybody has a car, I can’t imagine the chaos.

Anyway stay cool, no point getting so worked up over him, enjoy the Chinese New Year!

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