I guess by now, you would have known all about this ang moh call Anton Casey. If you are still in the dark, google his name or search him in yahoo, there are a list of news articles all about his foolish comment. While I feel sorry for his Singaporean wife and son who perhaps, are preparing for the Chinese New Year festival, have to drop everything and fly off to Perth. The reunion dinner must have been booked but all plans have to be called off because of some insensitive remarks written without thinking through.

I do not blame my fellow citizens for being angry. In fact, angry is an understatement. For so long, we have allowed the foreigners to stamp on us. There is a long list as far as I can remember. From the brawl outside Suntec City to being called dogs to the racist remarks by Amy Cheng…patience has a limit. Ang Mohs must wake up. They do not rule us like they used to do during the colonial days. That is history, the past.

If there is anything to learn from this episode, it is no longer about you but your family as well. Look at how his foolishness has caused so much pain and hurt for his family.

Always remember, the pen is mightier than the sword or in this era, it is the keyboard.


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