Since someone talked about learning from Adam Khoo, I want to share about my experience on Adam Khoo. Because of Adam Khoo, I trusted him as he is Singaporean and believed in him, in the end was conned by his business partner Stuart Tan.

In year 2007, Stuart Tan came out with a seminar called Internet Marketing Seminar. I thought since it is Adam Khoo business partner, so this seminar must be good and geuine, so I take up this seminar and it costs me I think near $3000. Turned out it is a mass rojak of previews by the so called Internet gurus like Ewen Chia and many others.

So when Ewen Chia came out and sell his internet products, Stuart Tan did came out and speak for all the Internet gurus speakers, and also because of Adam Khoo business partner Stuart Tan, so I think this Ewen Chia must be good and will not cheat us Singaporeans, so believed in them and signed for another $3000 package from Ewen Chia.

Turned out to be nightmare in the end, Ewen never delivered what he promised to us, so we wanted a refund. Suddenly Ewen is nowhere to be found, his office number never picked up, so look for Stuart Tan.

That Stuart Tan didnt help much, in the end money gone, Ewen Chia nowhere to be found too.

Because I believe in Adam Khoo, indirectly was cheated by his busines partner Stuart Tan. So now you tell me can I still trust Adam Khoo?

The story I tell you is a true story, a lot of people kanna cheated in that Internet Marketing Seminar conducted by Stuart Tan but nothing can be done. Wanted to report to the police, but it is a long and hassle progress which in the end might not get a single cents back. And I remember a friend of mine wanted to report this case to the Straits Time and email to Stuart Tan and you know what did that joker said? Stuart didnt humbly apologised and instead told my friend to go ahead.

So this is Stuart Tan, Adam Khoo business partner, now I dont trust Adam Khoo anymore, no matter how big his advertising or any crab come out from his mouth, I cannot believe it. I mean who knows, since he is business partner with Stuart Tan, I dont know whether did they scammed the Singaporeans together in the Internet Marketing Seminar in year 2007 or not?

I mean I dont know, God knows.

So I dont trust Stuart Tan, and since he is business partner with Adam Khoo, I dont trust Adam Khoo too.

As the saying goes, “Birds of the feathers, flock together.”


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