Anton Casey caused quite a stir when he posted rude and offensive remarks online about ‘poor people’ who take public transport. Now, Senior Minister of State for Law and Education Indranee Rajah has said that “everybody deserves a second chance.”

She was speaking to reporters while attending a community event in Queenstown on Saturday.

She explained that with social media, everyone must be careful of what they write as it impacts a wide audience including current and potential employers.

Referring to the comments made by Anton Casey, she described them as “truly objectionable” while at the same time, she said that netizens should be careful not to take their reactions too far.

She observed that some people have already taken it too far by threatening Mr Casey’s family.

She used the analogy of an old-fashioned lunch mob saying that everyone wants to throw a stone because everyone else is.

Indranee said that she didn’t want to see netizens becoming vicious and nasty as everyone should get a second chance.

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