This is in response to the stomach-churning Straits Times article by William Wan, the so-called ‘General Secretary’ of the Singapore Kindness Movement.

I am really not sure where on earth this William Wan is from. Maybe he is from Never Never Land perhaps. Maybe he has a daily diet made up entirely of milk and honey. Maybe he survives in Singapore on nothing but fresh air and sunshine. Maybe he travels on a Yellow Brick Road to work and lives in a Gingerbread house. Or maybe he is just your typical pacifist brown nosed bootlicker who’s BFF is chief government propagandist and Straits times editor Warren Fernandez.

Let me get it straight. Here we have an incident where an arrogant unrepentant foreigner bigot by the name of Anton Casey has enraged an entire nation with his highly offensive remarks and contempt for the ordinary man and all he can come up with at this time is to challenge Singaporeans empathy and social justice towards this bigot?? So just do us a favour and read the headline Mr. Wan.

This message is sent with pride on behalf of my fellow Singaporeans below:

– All the poor people in Singapore struggling to make a living because of the low pay, no minimum wage and exploitation by their employers.

– Those hungry poor who still get a pittance from the government because a PAP Minister once said in response to calls for increasing help to the poor; “How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant? “

– All the hard-working taxi drivers in Singapore who drive long hours day and night just to scrape a living.

– All the full-time NS men who shed blood, sweat and tears to serve this country for 2 years and then realize that the PAP government spends hundreds of millions of dollars on Scholarships for Foreigners who don’t serve NS.

– All deserving Singapore students who can’t get places in our local universities because 20% of the places are taken up by Foreigners on government scholarships.

– The residents of Hougang who were denied lift upgrading for more than 20 years and especially the elderly residents in Hougang who had to struggle to climb the stairs to get to their the flats all because they choose to exercise their democratic right to vote for an opposition party.

– All NS Reservist personnel who have to carry the burden of 10 years reservist duty, while at the same time having to juggle their work and family commitments while having to compete unfairly with so called Foreign Talents in the workplace.

– All the wrongly accused detainees who were detained without trial and ill-treated under the Marxist Conspiracy arrests.

– All the bankrupted, harassed and mainstream media vilified Opposition Party politicians.

– Singaporeans Cartoonists who were wrongly accused of sedition.

– All currently unemployed Singaporeans who find it hard to find a job because of unfair competition from Foreigners brought in by the PAP government’s liberal immigration policy.


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