Better transport before higher fares

I disagree with Mr Richard Hartung, in his commentary “Pay more for bus rides if you want better service” (Jan 25).

Public transport companies should have been giving commuters reliable, quality service because we take buses and trains daily and have been paying the fares all these years.

There must be thorough investigation and proper explanation of the breakdowns to assure commuters that these faults will not recur. With Singapore’s growing population, public transport must be more reliable.

The Government should give the operators more money to address all underlying issues.

Given that the rail system is ageing rapidly, maintenance must be done more regularly so that the system and trains are in working condition and have undergone proper service checks.

The maintenance crew should be given more training and incentives to fix these issues; perhaps, maintenance times could be extended. The train and bus systems should complement each other and help prevent overcrowding, so that commuters reach their destinations promptly.

The Government and the operators should have had measurable plans in place before the fare hike, to cope with the demands in the transport sector and ensure that these problems were addressed first.

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