I’m Happy! And I’m a Singaporean!

Have you seen the recent controversial video about Steph Micayle? (or Stephanie Koh, if you must know her real name) If you’ve not seen the video, I recommend you spend about 15 minutes of your time to hear what this young lady has to say about her not being proud to be a Singaporean. Perhaps then you’ll see why this blog post came to be. But, it’s also okay if you do not wish to add to her numbers.

I shall not debate about why I am proud or not proud to be a Singaporean. But I would like to reason a few points close to my heart that were brought up in the video, which did not go down so well with me.

No country is perfect in their system. There will always be people finding fault with theirs because it doesn’t serve their specific needs.  But let’s give the government more credit than they deserve. It is not reasonable to fault how a country should run if you are not qualified to run it. Though I am not inclined to agree on every rule and regulation in my country, I am also certainly not one who will rebel.

As a mature adult, I understand that a system is in place to hold Singapore together and for it’s people to have a common bond. Simple reasoning. Since we are born and bred here, we should learn to live with it and deal with it. It’s the same wherever you may relocate to. You have to abide the law.

In every country, in every race, in every organization and sometimes even within the family, there are some black sheeps. A few black sheeps do not represent the majority of people. In every society, there are also different type of personalities, upbringing and values. Maybe some choose to be narrow minded because it’s a challenge not to be one. Maybe some don’t want to be nice because they happen to have a bad day. Maybe some gave up trying to be creative because they lost their patience. Maybe some are submissive to maintain harmony and some are
just unhappy because they are finding fault with everything but themselves! There are also the MAJORITY of us who are not like that. It’s unfair to say that most Singaporeans are not nice. I know plenty of nice Singaporeans!

I’ve always liked to give the benefit of the doubt so I feel, kindness do exist in everyone. In Singapore, I observe that we generally impart random acts of kindness to strangers when it is being called for and I am quite confident that many adult Singaporeans will step in to help one another in need. Kindness is evidently growing. Spread the kindness like it’s second nature instead of killing it with self-righteousness and point fingers at others expecting them to be the same. That is arrogance and certainly, not very nice. (Sorry but I had to add this : having someone run after you from afar to ask if the computer you dropped is okay, is an act of a nosey-parker. #justsaying)

In other words, let’s stop nitpicking about how “bad our system is” or “how strict the law is”. Singapore is already on the right track, listening to people on the ground. Give Singapore more time. It may not be much for everyone but it will impact those that matter. There is no “one size fits all” policy. Our country is doing our best so we should lend a hand. If we can’t lend a hand, hush up. Let’s respect her, enjoy the simple pleasures of life and peace she has to offer that many often take for granted.

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