300 turn up at Hong Lim Park to protest against latest fare hike

About 300 people turned up at Hong Lim Park on Saturday to protest against the fare hike which was announced last week.

Organisers said some had walked or cycled to the event, in an apparent boycott of public transport. Some came with placards which read ‘Why pay more for lousy train service’ and ‘We demand no fare hike’.

The protest comes after the Public Transport Council announced last Thursday that bus and train fares would increase by 3.2 per cent from April 6 this year. The event, which started at about 5.20pm, was organised by Mr Gilbert Goh, founder of Movement for a Better Singapore. The line up of speakers included opposition party member Osman Sulaiman.

A plan to burn an effigy of Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew in protest of the fare hike was shelved after the police told the organisers on Friday night that it is illegal to do so and they would be arrested if they do proceeed with the plan, said Mr Goh.

A few of the protesters ended up splashing water on the effigy instead

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