SMRT Blames Train Driver for Causing Train Fault on East-West Line

SINGAPORE — A service disruption on the East West Line that lasted for more than an hour yesterday (Jan 22) occurred after a train captain “bypassed a signal point without authorisation”, triggering automatic safety measures, SMRT said in a press release today.

“A trackside fault developed at 10.12pm on Jan 22 after a train captain bypassed a signal point without authorisation. Safety measures kicked in and as a result, train service was disrupted between Tanah Merah and Pasir Ris stations,” it said in its statement.

“SMRT engineers were deployed immediately to rectify the fault. SMRT apologises to all passengers inconvenienced by the disruption to train services.”

During the disruption, which lasted from 10.12pm until train service resumed at 11.19pm, two trains had to be re-routed. About 380 passengers had to be transported to Simei and Expo stations via free bridging buses, the train operator said.

Investigations are underway, it added in its statement.

“SMRT takes a serious view of any breach of operational protocols and disciplinary action will be taken as necessary. We would like to reassure all passengers that the overall safety of the system was maintained throughout,” said the transport operator.

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