Singapore: Why is Ayer Rajah Expressway AYE instead of ARE?

So I actually asked Land Transport Authority, not expecting them to entertain such a Bo Liao (frivolous) question. It’s good to know someone in the government actually has a sense of humour too.

==== Here’s the response ====
Forgive our delay in replying to your 5 December email query but we did need
some time to find the source to answer your question. The acronym for
expressways is derived from the first letter of the first two syllables,
followed by the first letter of the last word.

Examples include:

East (1 syllable) Coast (1 syllable) Parkway (2 syllables – So E (1st letter of
1st syllable), C (1st letter of 2nd syllable) and P (1st letter of last word)

Central (2 syllables) Expressway (3 syllables) – So C (1st letter of 1st
syllable), T (1st letter of 2nd syllable) and E (1st letter of last word)
Bukit (2 syllables) Timah (2 syllables) Expressway (3 syllables) – So B (1st
letter of 1st syllable), K (1st letter of 2nd syllable) and E (1st letter of
last word)

Pan (1 syllable) Island (2 syllables) Expressway (3 syllables) – So P (1st
letter of 1st syllable), I (1st letter of 2nd syllable) and E (1st letter of
last word)

Ayer (2 syllables) Rajah (2 syllables) Expressway (3 syllables) – So A (1st
letter of 1st syllable), Y (1st letter of 2nd syllable) and E (1st letter of
last word)

Thus, the AYE became just that, rather than ARE. I hope this clarifies the
rationale. Thank you very much for asking.

====== UPDATE 1 (Jan 13) KPE is 2 highways! =======
“We wish to share that the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) started as two separate expressways in both Kallang and Paya Lebar. Hence, the acronym “KPE” was derived from the two destinations involved.

As such, the first letter of each destination (Kallang, Paya Lebar) and the first letter of the last word (Expressway) form the acronym.”

====== UPDATE 2 (Oct 13) MC.. what? =======
Question: Why is the latest express way (Marina Coastal Expressway) is called MCE instead of MRE?

Answer from LTA: “.. acronym of Marina Coastal Expressway is derived from the first letter of Marina(M), the first letter of Coastal(C) and also the first letter of Expressway (E), hence MCE.” ~~ (Feedback No.: 20131114-0246)

====== UPDATE 3 (Dec 13) MCE is MCE, because MCE =======
A new update from LTA.

“The acronym name MCE is chosen based on its location, just like the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE). The Marina Coastal Expressway is sited along the southern coast of Singapore, in Marina area, As such, we are mindful that the both the full name and the acronym name identified for this expressway should contain the word “Coastal” or its associated acronym “C” using its first alphabet/ syllabus to better reflect the locality of the expressway. Using MRE, which adopts the syllabus naming method, would sound less appropriate as it does not give the public a sense of where the expressway is sited”

Personally, I agree MCE is a better name than MRE, don’t you? And LTA is right, it does give a better sense of where the highway is by reminding people that it’s a Coastal highway in the acronym. Most of all, I believe it is appreciated that they probably gave the real answer and explain why MCE did not follow convention, instead of dodging it with an excuse.

Darius Cheng

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