Public consultation on PDPA guidelines for real estate, telecommunication sectors launched

SINGAPORE — An enquiry about a property from a potential customer should not be seen as a real estate agent having an ongoing relationship with the individual. The same goes for a customer who had bought a property once from a real estate agent.

This means that under the Do Not Call Registry exemption order, the agent should not be marketing other properties to such customers.

Telco operators too, may need to abide by certain guidelines when handling personal data of pre-paid card customers.

These are some of the scenarios being explored ahead of the full implementation of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) on July 2, as a public consultation on proposed advisory guidelines for the real estate and telco sectors was launched today (Jan 23).

The Personal Data Protection Commission said that certain sectors have raised questions about sector-specific scenarios on how the PDPA will apply to their industry.

“During our outreach events, some organisations in the real estate agency and telecommunication sectors have raised sector specific scenarios on how the PDPA applies to their data protection and telemarketing practices,” said Mr Leong Keng Thai, Chairman, PDPC.

“In response, we have developed the proposed advisory guidelines, and will continue to work closely with organisations and industry bodies to ensure the PDPA remains relevant to consumer and business needs,” he added.

The public consultation will be held until Feb 13. The proposed advisory guidelines are available on the PDPC website at

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