OF late, there has been a series of road accidents involving Singapore-registered vehicles on Malaysian roads. The disregard for our traffic laws by some drivers from the neighbouring country is cause for concern.

Just yesterday, I saw a Singapore-registered vehicle speeding in the right lane on the North South Expressway near Sungai Buloh.

He tailgated the car in front dangerously, and when the driver refused to give way, he swerved into the middle lane then cut back into the right lane, dangerously close to the car he just overtook. Since there was a long queue of cars in the right lane (peak hour after work), he repeated the reckless manoeuvre over and over again.

These drivers are less likely to pull off the same stunt in their own country due to the traffic laws and strict enforcement there.

Some drive in a manner that suggests they are above Malaysian law. A Google search would lead to online forums where some Singaporeans give advice to others to “just ignore Malaysian traffic summons”.

Unfortunately, our speeding fine of RM150 and RM300, when converted to Singapore dollars is very affordable at S$58 and S$116.

Why not S$150 and S$300 for a more effective deterrent? To deter those who use our roads to “race and test their car powers”, those caught exceeding the speed limit by more than 50km/h should be locked up and prosecuted in court.

It is time we teach foreign drivers to abide by our laws. We do not want Malaysian lives harmed and infrastructure damaged when these drivers decide to blow off some steam on our Malaysian highways and roads.

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