“Yeah, it’s me.” George Young casually admitted when asked if the mystery man Janet Hsieh was gushing about to Taiwanese media was indeed him.

The pair has been best friends for ten years, but it wasn’t until earlier this month, on New Year’s Day, that they both started to “see each other differently”. In his first time addressing the rumour since it broke yesterday, George shared with us over a phone interview this afternoon that he was in Taiwan to visit friends and was staying with Janet (their relationship was still purely platonic at that point) when he fell sick – or rather, lovesick.

“Janet looked after me and cooked for me for the first time in a decade, which was amazing,” he raved. “And I just saw this whole other side of her, our friendship moved to another stage, and now we’re dating.”

So has he always had a crush on Janet? “She’s an attractive girl and I’ve always admired how grounded she is and how well she relates to people,” George said. “But I never fully opened my eyes and whenever it crossed my mind I would say, ‘But she’s my friend!’. Because of this, I now say to anyone: Keep an eye out, because The One might be in front of you all along.”

Over the weekend, both Janet and George posted separate pictures of themselves at W Hotel, prompting the romance rumours that turned out to be true.

“She was coming to Singapore to see me and since it was her birthday, I had to do something, so I thought it’d be nice to have a surprise getaway at this place we’ve been to a few times,” he said.

George, a self-professed poor surprise planner, concocted the whole scheme with the help of mutual friends and sneaky hotel staff. On the day itself, he invited Janet to the ritzy resort with the pretence of introducing her to a well-known photographer (whose name he made up). When they got to the room, they were greeted by all their friends and a birthday cake. “The surprise worked out and she had a really good time,” he happily reported.

Although it’s still a bit early for wedding bells, George said that since they’ve been friends for so long, they’re past the “getting to know each other phase”, but they still have to see how things work out. We quoted Janet’s thoughts on the matter to George (“[I] won’t think so much for now – I’m leaving it all to nature”) and he agreed.

As for children, George “definitely sees that as a potential”, but he doesn’t want to freak Janet out about it yet. “It’s something we’ve talked about, but we’re going to have to get married and sort out the logistics (their different career locations) first, and it’s hard to do that right now.”

In the meantime, the couple will rely on technology – instant messaging, video calls etc. – to keep their long distance relationship going. They’re also planning a trip to the United States later over the Chinese New Year period. “I’ll be in Los Angeles for about a month for work, and she’ll visit for a week and we’ll drive up to San Francisco together.”

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, will we be seeing George’s formal announcement on his various social media platforms – a la Lee Hom – soon? “I’m going to let Janet say something first,” he said. “But we have a few things in mind – you’ll see!”

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