I lived in Singapore for 8 years and know Anton. there is no question that what he posted was stupid in the extreme. He also comes across in person as certainly more to the smug and arrogant end of the spectrum. What i will say is that the venom that his actions have unleashed is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Death threats. Comments on his wife looking like a tranny and son who looks like he’s retarded. Pictures of his home put online and address posted. And people asking on comment boards what school his son goes to.

He deserves his comeuppance, which will almost certainly be losing his job and not showing his face in Singapore for a long while. Possibly even losing his Permanent Residency or, taken to the extreme, prosecution under the Sedition Act.

But this reaction is more to be expected in response to the actions of rapists and paedophiles and murderers. A sense of perspective seems to have gone out the window, with Social media being the thing that threw it.

It’s telling that the reaction has been what it is, not just from Singapore, but comments all around the world. They hark to an almost maniacal loathing for bankers and the wealthy in general. Such is the post-2008 crash mentality of many who are not in the 1%.


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