Stomper Amirul was irked by the behaviour of two female commuters who forced his friend to vacate her seat when they both squeezed into an empty side beside hers on the train.

In his report, Amirul wrote:

“I was heading home with my team mates and teacher on the MRT from Tampines after a competition there last Saturday (Jan 19).

“After my teacher alighted at Raffles Place MRT station, two women, who I think are Filipino, proceeded to squeeze on the seat my teacher was on earlier.

“My friend and I had to shift our bodies a bit and even then, we were still quite cramped.

“My friend could not take it anymore and decided to find other seat. Meanwhile, one of the women’s friends went on to take up that seat.

“I called out to them and told them that a seat should only be occupied by one person but they did not bother about it.”

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