I know a Brit who runs an investment firm for private clients. Basically, it is a one-man office. Unfortunately, we belong to the same alma mater, but he is on the dark side.

An alumni office that I belong was divided into two camps – one camp comprises older Singaporean professionals (lawyers, doctors, businessmen, accountants, engineers and among other fields) who have established themselves and forged strong alliance with Cambridge, Oxford and Imperial working together to create credible professional networks, career guidance and even seminars, whereas the other group was formed by a group of young Singaporeans who claimed to innovate the alumni culture.

Well… It got ugly, if I recall the AGM several years back. The younger group was dominating with numbers, like close to almost 200, versus the older group of around 100, so the younger group eventually assumed the positions with more votes. Guess who assumed the President? The Brit.

To cut the chase as the matter got very ugly, in less than a year, the entire alumni fund was exhausted, without any event organised. An audit came under the scrutiny by the ex-committee (the older group, including myself) discovered bills were not declared. The ex-committee had a dilemma whether we should inform the police. In the end, we wanted to settle this matter in private. In the end, we demanded the committee (younger group) to provide explanation and evidence to suffice, but none of it was convincing for us to forgo the matter, so we decided to let the police handle the case. Basically the new committee was a syndicate of young alumni led by this Brit conspired to embezzle the alumni funds and siphoned into their private investment. In the end, the ex-committee had to step in and review the rules of the alumni constitution and run another AGM to elect new committee.

It was ugly, but it was an example of foreign trash, not talent. What makes this matter disgraceful is the people supporting this Brit are Singaporeans who are engulfed by greed.

To give this Brit the benefit of the doubt, maybe he is talented to con. Shall I call him “Con Artist”?

This incident reminds me of the 60% Singaporeans who like foreign trash to come here.

A Blessed Singaporean

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