Dear Singaporeans

We understand that there has been a lot of attention on one of our employees recently. We are aware of these recent comments made on his personal page which some Singaporeans have found offensive.

Crossinvest does not condone such comments and we believe they were made in poor taste. We have clear policies regarding the codes of conduct expected of our employees. That code of conduct extends to social media.

We are currently investigating the comments made by our employee and will take appropriate action once we are in possession of all the facts.

Crossinvest is a family business that has been established in 1985 in Switzerland and in 2005 in Singapore. Our staff comes from diverse backgrounds and include a number of Singaporean nationals who provide wealth management services to a large base of individual clients, families and institutions.

Thanks to our multicultural ties, we have been able over the years to promote a working environment that appreciates diversity and mutual understanding allowing us to provide a distinguished service to our local and international clients alike.


Christophe Audergon

Managing Director

Crossinvest Asia

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