I started going swimming at Delta Swimming pool (very near to Redhill MRT station) recently as it is near my working place and along the way home.

There is this uncle who wears spectacles and lying on one of the benches in the changing/bathing room. He is always holding a book but when you take note of his eyes he is not reading the book but looking at the other guys who are changing especially the young boys who have just completed their swimming lessons.

When i go for my swim he is there, after i have completed my swim he is still there. I mean it is an extremely unlikely place to be reading a book in such a place for at least one plus hour. While ‘reading’ the book he is only clad in his trunks but he folded his legs (its to hide something).I have noticed that he is there almost everyday.

Some of you may think that this is just a weird uncle who enjoys reading in odd places, i agree that is possible until i have seen this.

Here comes the sickening part…when he finally ‘finish’ the book. He took off his trunks and entered one of the changing cubicles. He gestured to one of the boys to go in! I mean his dick is erect! Sick! Mad

I am planning of informing the people working there eg the life guards to call the police or something.


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