Singaporeans should be proud of MCE

I have been using the Marina Coastal Expressway to commute to work since the second day of its opening.

With the exception of the severe congestion at the exit to Central Boulevard on my first day driving along the expressway, the subsequent commutes have been relatively smooth.

Many people have criticised the expressway’s design and the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) communication exercise, on both social and mainstream media. Some were reasonable, such as those calling for more and better signage, but others have been too quick to judge.

After the congestion occurred, the LTA responded quickly and made lane changes that eased the jams.

The expressway’s design has not changed. If the design was flawed as claimed, the congestion would have persisted.

The more likely cause of the congestion was that motorists were not familiar with the route. Cars slowed down as drivers deliberated on the exits to take or tried to filter into lanes at the last minute.

Even when the traffic situation improved over the following days, critics refused to let up by insisting that motorists had switched to other routes.

To the LTA’s credit, it did not waste time trying to rebut the critics but instead focused on problem-solving.

The travel advisories and directional signs have improved but, in my view, the smooth traffic is mainly the result of motorists becoming more familiar with the expressway.

I have enjoyed my daily drives along the expressway; the road is one of the smoothest to travel on. It is an infrastructural feat that Singaporeans should be proud of.

Joseph Lim

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