Ex-Romanian diplomat Ionescu back in court to request for second postponement

BUCHAREST: Former Romanian diplomat Silviu Ionescu appeared in a Bucharest court on Thursday to request a second adjournment into his appeal against a prison sentence for two hit-and-run accidents in Singapore in 2009.

Ionescu and his lawyer claimed that a letter they received this week from Singapore’s Attorney-General’s Chambers was not translated to Romanian.

The three judges from the Romanian Court of Appeal agreed to postpone the hearing to February 13.

Ionescu was sentenced in March last year to three years’ jail for manslaughter, causing injury and fleeing the scene of the accident in Singapore.

After more than four years since the hit-and-run incident which killed one pedestrian and injured two others, he remains free, pending a ruling from Bucharest’s Court of Appeal.

This is the second time that he has asked for a postponement, having filed for an adjournment last month.

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