Lui Tuck Yew Thanked the Public Transport Council

SINGAPORE — The Public Transport Council (PTC) has struck a good balance by keeping the bus and train fare increase a few notches below the average wage increase last year, said Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew today (Jan 16).

He said the council managed to do so while enhancing concessions for a significant segment of commuters, such as students, especially the polytechnic students, and full-time National Servicemen (NSFs), and providing new products like the monthly unlimited travel passes for senior citizens and other adults.

He believes the move will continue to keep public transport affordable for Singaporeans.

Writing in his Facebook post, Mr Lui said this is the first time the Government is funding two fare concession schemes — for low-wage workers and persons with disabilities — which, from the start, will benefit close to half a million Singaporeans.

He said the concessionary fare for low-wage workers will bring their fares to levels comparable to what they were paying 10 to 15 years ago.

As these are new schemes, Government agencies will ensure that the application process is as “fuss-free and smooth” as possible, added Mr Lui.

He said: “I expect we will encounter some hiccups along the way, given that we are setting up the infrastructure and processes from scratch, and close to half a million Singaporeans may apply, and hence half a million personalised concession cards will have to be printed and mailed out.

“I hope that applicants will understand and I assure you, we will try our best to get the concession cards to you as quickly as possible. We will provide more details of eligibility, how and when to apply, etc, in the next few weeks.”

Mr Lui also thanked the Public Transport Council for undertaking this difficult and challenging assignment. CHANNEL NEWSASIA

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