The Public Transport Council (PTC) has approved a fare increase of 3.2 per cent on train and bus fares from April 6 this year. At the same time, the Government has rolled out new concessions and deepened existing ones. Here's a quick glance at the changes that are coming up.

1. FARES TO INCREASE:Overall, fares will increase by 6.6 per cent. However, the increase will be broken up into two phases. This year, fares will go up by 3.2 per cent. The remainder will be rolled over to the next fare review exercise.

This means that from April 6 onwards, adults card fares for buses and train will cost 4 to 6 cents more per journey. Senior citizen concessionary fares will be raised by 2 to 3 cents per journey, while student concessionary fares will increase by 2 cents per journey.

2. KIDS BELOW SEVEN YEARS: Regardless of their height, all children below the age of seven who are not yet in primary school will get to travel for free. This will come into effect on April 6.

3. POLY STUDENTS: Polytechnic students, who have long been lobbying for cheaper monthly concession passes, will pay the same concession prices as their peers in junior college and ITE starting April 6. Instead of forking out $97, polytechnic students will now pay $51 for a hybrid (train and bus) monthly concessions pass – a 47 per cent savings.

4. NSFs: Full-time National Servicemen start paying the same fare as university students from April 6. They will now pay $85 for a hybrid monthly concession pass instead of $111.

5. ADULT TRAVEL PASSES: For the first time, a new monthly unlimited travel pass for adult Singaporeans and permanent residents will be introduced. It will cost $120 and be made available from April 6.

6. LOW-INCOME WORKERS: This group of commuters can expect their public transport fares to be 15 per cent cheaper than regular adult fares from July 6 onwards. This new concessionary scheme will be funded by the Government.

7. DISABLED COMMUTERS: This group will pay 25 per cent less than regular adult fares under a new government-funded concessionary scheme. Their fares will also be capped so that they do not have to pay additional fare for distances beyond 7.2km. This will also come into effect from July 6.

8. SENIOR CITIZENS: A new monthly unlimited travel concession pass will be available for senior citizens for $60 from April 6.


Public Transport fare review at a glance

The Public Transport Council has announced a slew of changes to bus and train fares and concessionary schemes that will come into effect on April 6. The council has also lifted the daily limits on train rides for train and hybrid monthly passes, which means users of these passes can take an unlimited number of rides per day.

From April 6

All commuters

All commuters

- Fares will go up by 3.2%.

Adult card fares will go up by 4-6 cents per trip, depending on distance.

Children under 7

Children below 7

- Free travel for all.

Currently, only those below 0.9m in height can travel for free.



- Cheaper monthly concession passes.

Primary pupil: $42.50 → $41 for hybrid pass

Secondary student: $52.50 → $51 for hybrid pass

Polytechnic student: $52 → $27.50 for bus pass;
$45 → $25 for train pass; $97.50 → $51 for hybrid pass

University student: $97 → $85 for hybrid pass


Full-time National Servicemen

- Cheaper monthly concession passes

$61 → $52 for bus pass; $50 → $45 for train pass; $111 → $85 for hybrid pass



- New hybrid concession pass available at $120 a month.


Senior Citizens

- New hybrid concession pass available at $60 a month.

From July 6

Low-wage workers

Low-wage workers

- New concession of 15% off adult fares.

Applicable to Workfare Income Supplement recipients below 60 years old.


People with disabilities

- New concession of 25% off adult fares.

- Fares capped at that for travel under 7.2km.

- New monthly hybrid passes available at $60 a month.

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