Former Straitstimes Editor: I have so many “whys” today after reading the newspapers…

I have so many “whys” today after reading the newspapers…

WHY did ST tuck the no-alcohol ban in Little India because of Thaipusam which starts TOMORROW and ends MONDAY morning at the bottom of its story? Isn’t it significant that this is a longer than usual ban and is this going to happen at every Hindu festival or public procession, including the Chingay?

WHY did ST give such short shrift to the court judgment allowing accused persons early access to counsel, placing the article in its bowels? Sure, James Raj aka the hacker was already given access and it is a moot/academic point for this case, but the judgment has implications for other cases too coz police can no longer say you can’t see a lawyer because they need “time” to complete investigations.

WHY did the media – and the G – see the need to run the G response to an NYT article on the Little India riot when chances are that not many people here have read it? And why does the G insist on the publication of its response when it is not about a “right of reply” to correct factual inaccuracies but its OWN analysis of facts (that the COI hasn’t even ascertained!) Sorry but the media has a right to reject opinions you know..

WHY do people still knock social media when its a mine of good socially responsible stories – like the NEA “hawker rule” about zi char stalls, the STB’s recycling of an agency’s old work and the crazy woman who blocked a carpark entrance coz she wanted her complimentary ticket fixed on the spot?

WHY is this happening in Singapore? After a riot came headless corpse and other bodies, then a kidnapping and now a fire in a posh penthouse which killed two security guards? In the midst of all this, the mozzie is still stinging people in record numbers…Sounds like we have the four horsemen of the apocalypse riding in….

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