Five things to expect from the Public Transport Council announcement

The Public Transport Council (PTC) will announce its decision on fare adjustments for public transport on Thursday. Here’s what you can expect from the announcement:

1. FARES TO RISE: Observers expect public fares to rise. The decision will combine the 2012 and 2013 annual fare adjustments with the maximum allowable increase at 6.6 per cent. Minister for Transport Lui Tuck Yew has said that any fare increase should not exceed last year’s average wage rise, which has not been released yet.

2. LOW-INCOME WORKERS: This group of commuters can expect their public transport fares to go down to the levels of 10 to 15 years ago, depending on the journey, when new concessions kick in. This concession will be funded by the Government.

3. DISABLED COMMUTERS: This group of commuters will likely get concessions that are “even more significant” than low-income workers said Mr Lui. These concessions will also be funded by the Government.

4. POLYTECHNIC AND PRE-SCHOOLERS: It is unclear if concessions for these two groups of commuters will be addressed at Thursday’s announcement. However, the Fare Review Mechanism Committee has suggested enhancements to these concessions. If these are approved, the concessions will be cross-subsidised by full-paying fares.

5. VOUCHERS: Assistance will also be provided to those who need help besides those covered by the two new Government-funded concession schemes. Mr Lui said public transport vouchers to support these commuters will be made available all year-round.

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