Dog owners, beware! A dog was found dead, hanging from its leash, after its owner entered a lift without realising that the dog was still outside.

TRS reader Victor, a lift rescue personnel, said the incident took place at around 6.30am this morning (Jan 15) at Bukit Batok.

He said:

I’m part of a lift rescue team and witnessed this tragic accident this morning (Jan 15) at about 6.30am. A dog owner was heading back to her flat at Bukit Batok Block 621 after walking her dog. She, however, entered the lift first while holding on to her dog’s leash. The lift doors were closing but the dog still outside the lift at that time. It all happened very fast, and she had no time to react.

The lift then travelled up to level 3 of the block with the lady still holding on to the dog leash. A few minutes later, the civil defence team and the lift rescue personnel arrived but it was too late. The dog was found dead, hanging to its leash, at the lift lobby. The owner was distraught and was seen crying. I just want to warn dog owners out there to be more careful in situations like this.”

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