Award ceremony turns into feedback session with MP

Yesterday I attended an award ceremony. My daughter was one of the recipients. Dr. Lily Neo was the Guest of Honor. After the usual delays, slide presentations and applauses the program started. What followed is interesting and I want to share with everyone here.

The GoH Ms. Neo walked into the audience and said hi to everyone and asked whether we have any feedback. The crowd was silent (I believe everyone is so pleased that our MP is asking us for feedback and for that we are so content). She went on to say that everyone is so happy and no complaints etc.

At this point I could not resist and raised my hand. A microphone was passed to me and I made a feedback about my daughter’s former school. I told them about CHIJ St. Theresa’s. I told that they are still holding my daughter’s O level Certificate as ransom. The reason – I am not paying for an overseas trip which I was informed at first that it was ‘all expenses paid for’ by the MoE but later denied and I was asked to pay. I still insist that the school misinformed me and that I am not paying so the school is holding my daughter’s O level certificate as ransom.

After this a few more hands were raised and our MP took more feedback. I raised my hand again and gave my second feedback. About why my HDB space is used for gambling and auctioning, about the police complaint I made, about that I was threatened and beaten up by three unknown men for this, about how I wrote to my town council and that I am yet to receive a reply from them. I also mentioned that regarding these two issues I have written to the relevant authorities, namely MoE, CHIJ’s Principal, HDB etc.

I believe that now I have given direct feedback to our MP something will happen. I hope so.

Here is my third ‘feedback’. Why do we need the GoH to read from a slide for her speech? Why can’t he/she speak ‘from the heart’? This was an informal gathering of parents who came to see their children being awarded. And why the function dragged (!) so long that the GoH has to leave? Speaking without a slide and just announcing the recipient’s name for the awards would have made the whole thing faster and better.

Probably that is my problem – I have one answer but then I have 5 more whys.

Good luck and Happy New Year, all!


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