Recently, one of my colleague from Philippines on S-Pass managed to get another higher salaried job in Singapore. 

I was stunned as I read so many reports of how MOM is restricting and not renewing work permits and asking Pinoys to leave Singapore. Click on

This Pinoy colleague is not a talent. Her job can easily be substituted by another Singaporean and ironically, her next job is a technical field in Singhealth which is more or less a government job.

Some time ago, we also read about how a Pinoy tourist spent his life savings to find a job in Singapore and managed to get one. 

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Mr Ramz came to Singapore in March as a tourist but his itinerary did not include visiting the Merlion, Universal Studios or Orchard Road.

Instead, the 29-year-old Filipino had only one goal: to find a job.

Finally, after about four months, he landed a job as a financial analyst at an offshore bank, drawing a monthly salary of $2,800.

My question is: Why doesn't MOM list down and openly disclose its criteria for granting/ rejecting work permits?

By using its own subjective measure to approve/ reject work permits, MOM has done itself a huge disservice by making Singapore citizens doubt its integrity. 

The law and policies in place are meaningless if it's inconsistent in its application and soon, Singapore citizens will find all ways to discredit the government and our society could easily fall apart. 

Just like how PM Lee said that Workers Party must not leave doubts about their integrity over the NEA spring cleaning issue, he must not leave grave doubts about MOM's integrity over such issues as well. 



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