Dear all,

in Singapore, due to the shortage of teachers who are willing to work for the Ministry of Education (MOE), which is closely associated with the establishment, the MOE is starting to offer more and more lucrative pay packages to anyone who is willing to become a teacher.

However, ask yourself this. Do you want your child to be educated by someone who has a passion for teaching, the desire to inculcate genuine knowledge in your child and the courage to educate your child to be an independent thinker for the future?

Or do you want your child to be educated by an opportunist who has no passion for teaching at all, no desire to impart any genuine knowledge to your child and no courage to educate your child to think for his own?

Sadly, in Singapore, teachers do not actually spend most of their time teaching, which leads me to ask why they are named teachers in the first place. Teachers in Singapore generally spend about 20% of their time at work studying, and 80% of their time doing administrative work and organising school events, all in the name for “boosting the reputation of the school”.

As such, these “teachers” shouldn’t be given the title “Teacher”, the job title of “Administrative Clerk” will be more appropriate in the Singaporean context. Or better still, we can actually give them the unique job title of “1/5 Teacher, 4/5 Clerk”. Such a title exists nowhere else in the world, and hence I would like to propose that all “teachers” be given this unique job title. After all, Singapore is the “hub” of “unique job titles”, coming out with the equally repugnant title of “Minister Mentor”.

When teachers with the passion to teach and educate are bogged down by excessive administrative tasks and are tasked to organise tons of events that are totally irrelevant and unnecessary to the development of a child’s education, is it any surprise that more and more passionate teachers are living the education sector? In Singapore, we have the “privilege” to have lots of teachers who are only there for the lucrative pay cheque!

I personally know someone, whose name I won’t be revealing due to ethical purposes, who has a “passion for teaching”. However, I doubted that “passion”, as her personality and demeanour is not fitting of a teacher. Slowly, I discovered that she’s not actually interested in teaching, but interested in the lucrative salary that teachers draw! What a personality she is! The scary thing is that these “potential teachers” will be educating my children in the future! If such a catastrophe is not enough of a catalyst for you to take your kids out of Singapore to experience a truly holistic education, I don’t know what other catalyst will work!

Why subject your children to a stressful and mentally straining Singaporean education system? I don’t care about the rankings Singaporean universities have attained in a list of “World’s Most Prestigious Universities”, I don’t care about how well Singaporean children do in Mathematics and Sciences and I don’t care how many languages Singaporean children can speak.

I care about giving my children an education that will enable them to think for themselves and not believe whatever nonsense the state propaganda machine churns out, to be themselves and not follow the crowd blindly and to speak out against injustice instead of claiming that they can do nothing to change it.

It is all a matter of morals when deciding the type of education that you want your child to receive. Unfortunately, most Singaporean parents want their children to achieve straight A’s and distinctions and don’t really care if their children have the courage to be independent thinkers and to speak out against injustice as long as they can get a decent pay cheque at the end of the month.

Such a shallow and capitalist mindset towards education will eventually be the downfall of not only Singapore, but the capitalist system. The meaning of education is to impart knowledge of the ways of the world to our children, not to train them to become wage-slaves for corporations.

I look forward to the day when education is truly education and not the current “wage-slave training” that we have right now.

Viva la Revolution.

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